Asbestos Removal – Contractors or Do It Yourself?

Asbestos was a widely used substance in the building and construction industries for many years up until the 1990s given its strength, insulation abilities and fire-proof qualities. However, it has now been proven that asbestos is a potentially deadly substance. So it makes sense that when removing asbestos or testing for its presence the work should be carried out by specialist asbestos removal contractors to minimise the risks not only to yourself but to your neighbours and other people around you.

Asbestos removal contractors can help with the following services:-

  • Inspecting your premises to identify areas where asbestos may be present
  • Testing of suspect areas and materials
  • Making recommendations for the safe removal of asbestos. This can include assistance in planning the abatement by making contacts with abatement contractors where necessary and designing the work process for asbestos removal.
  • Providing quotes for the safe removal of any asbestos found in your premises
  • Offering services to repair affected areas and organising to replace with non-hazardous materials.

A good asbestos removal service will also conduct a final visual and air inspection to determine that the area is clean and safe before allowing anybody to enter, and issue you with a certificate for the work that is carried out.

When selecting asbestos removal contractors, here’s what you should ask for:-

  • The service provider’s name
  • Telephone number
  • Certification numbers and a copy of the asbestos license
  • References from recent jobs
  • Do they carry liability insurance with specific coverage for asbestos?
  • How many years experience does the contractor have in asbestos removing asbestos?
  • Will you be issued with a certificate on completion of the work?
  • If the air clearance tests fail, will the contractor foot the bill in making it pass?
  • How long will it take?
  • What budget should I have?

Once you have selected your contractor and the work is underway, it’s worthwhile using these simple tips:-

  • Keep all animals and people away from the area
  • Mark the area as hazardous to avoid people accidentally walking through
  • Make sure the contractor confines any dust to a small area
  • Turn off any central heating or air conditioning while work is underway
  • Ensure the contractor discusses the options with you about removal or repair of an affected area

Details of asbestos removal contracts can be found in your local Yellow Pages. For further information on asbestos and how to remove asbestos check out the other articles on our site at